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TO DO: put map of country here with towns as links,  under each town put the various landing grounds and story and pics of each

Mingaladon 7 Jan 42
Toungoo 10 Jan 42
Magwe    6 Feb
DumDum 12Mar
Fyzabad 6 Apr
Asansol 8 Apr
Jessore  19 Dec
Feni 21 Jan 43
Chandina  28 Feb
Comilla Main 4 May
Feni     27 Jun
Kharagpur  28 Aug
Yelahanka    ? Sept
St Thomas Mount (Madras ) 2 Oct
Cholavarum 9 Non
Dimapur  31 Dec
Tulathal 17 Mar 44
Palel     25 May
Yazagyo 18 Dec
Onbauk   22 Jan 45
Ondaw 14 Mar
Kwenge 20 Apr
Kinmagen 8 Jun
Meiktila 30 Jun
Zayatkwin 17 Aug to 13 Oct

Relational sketch of Airfields in Imphal Valley
Note the hills surrounding the area. Dwg not to scale
Sketch courtesy of F/Lt Stan Chilton

Dhobi Waller doing wash Egypt 1941
SOURCE: Copyright Charlie Walker, son of Sgt Lister Walker
Dhobi Waller, undoubtedly the Squadrons washing machine the rare time they had the luxury. Note there are no suds and I'm not sure what to think about him standing in the wash water.