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To navigate the Personnel section, all veterans are grouped alphabeticaly by the first letter of their last name. Click on the links listed above to take you to the correct alphabetical group.  Using the scroll bar on the left, scroll down through the list of names contained within this left border then click on the one you wish to see. Alternatively, you can use the scroll bar on the right and scroll down through all the personnel listed on this page.

 F/Lt Young

F/Lt Young,   

NOTE: F/Lt Young  was recorded as pilot of 2251, 6134 on Oct 20, Oct 25 1941 in Sgt Lister Walkers log book.

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 Sgt Earnest Seath Young  poppy

Sgt Earnest Seath Young, 755380, WOp/Ag, Age 24, Son of John and Mary Young, of Roslin, Midlothian; husband of Agnes Young.
26/11/1940  T2067 Mk IV, FTR, shot down on sortie from Ma'aten Bagush.  F/O Donald Anderson - pilot, Sgt. George Lee - Obs also killed
Coll. grave 23. B. 9-10. HALFAYA SOLLUM WAR CEMETERY
(This is a DOUBLE NUMBER in the Crews and Losses SEE T2067-A 26/11/1941)

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 F/Sgt Ken York

F/Sgt Ken York,   

The following excerpt was extracted from a story in the BBC peoples war website submitted by Corporal Cliff Gascoigne (Fitter Armourer), 55 Squadron 1942:

"Sometime in early June, 113 squadron arrived. They had come back from Greece, been on rest and then took over our squadron lock, stock and barrel. The flight sergeant in charge of 113 Squadron was my old school friend, Ken York. Unfortunately we never saw each other as he went to the forward landing ground whilst I was at the rear landing ground."

No further info on Ken York has surfaced

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