To navigate this section click on any serial number in the boxes below to take you directly there. Alternatively you can use the right hand scroll bar to browse down all listings. If a serial number is coloured white in the boxes, no other info is known yet but the aircraft has been identified as belonging to113 Squadron All DATES are recorded in DAY/MONTH/YEAR format.
The following are the Blenheims on charge with 113 Squadron known to date, be aware there are errors and it is incomplete. Further listings will be added as they are identified.
Z7857  ?
L1381    ?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all serial numbers are known but a date for a particular loss might be known, also scan down the page for the date you are seeking if you do not see the serial above.

No further details: V5631 V5632 V5959 V6012 (per Graham Warner-Bristol Blenheim)
Blenheim Mk 1's transferred to other squadrons: L1528, L4825, L8443, L8537 were given over to 211 Squadron. L4823, L6662 to 203 Squadron.
L6659 to 55 Squadron. L8445 to 70OTU. L4826  was sent to Turkey 21/09/1939 (per research F/Lt Tony Day)

L8501 Blenheim 1 no fate or date recorded. Research per F/Lt Tony Day

Ex 113, 05/11/1943 AZ887 Mk V,  Advanced training Pool at Poona. One flap jammed up and one flap jammed down causing aircraft to dive into the ground one mile west of Poona. F/Sgt P. Russ (Pilot) and 37 people on the ground were killed. A 6 inch long metal file with handle was found jammed in the flap operating mechanism. (per Author Graham Warner- The Bristol Blenheim)


12/06/1939   L1527  Mk 1 The Squadron trashes it's first new Blenheim L1527 when the under carriage failed to lock and it collapsed on landing at Heliopolis.

02/10/1939   L8442 Mk 1 Heliopolis, Squadron trashes another Blenheim L8442 when an engine cut on takeoff at Heliopolis causing it to crash. The aircraft was destroyed by fire but F/Lt Dallamore and crew escaped uninjured.
L8442 Blenheim 1 burnt out Heliopolis 1939.jpg
L8442 Mk1 Burnt out Oct 2 1939 at Heliopolis. Unlikely the boys can fix this one. Copyright Corp Stan Harrison

11/06/1940  L4823,  Mk IV, FTR, shot down by fighters on return from El Adem, F/Lt D Beauclair , W/O H. Owen , and Sgt J Dobson all injured (burns) and became POW's. (W/O H Owen per Graham Warner)
NOTE: LAC Corp Norman Say (A Flight) records in his memoirs the following excerpt; "In the early days in the desert there was a certain amount of decency between the opposing air forces. The Italians would drop letters from prisoners of war for their families and the identity tags of airmen who had been killed and we reciprocated. It was this way that we learnt of the death of the aircrew of the first plane we lost."  This is incorrect in this particular incident, but Corp Say could have meant First aircraft we lost 'resulting in the' crews deaths in which case he was likely talking of the June 29 raid two weeks later, when two crews were lost.

On the very same day as the incident 11/06/40 AC2 Sgt Bernard Shelton (B Flight) records in his diary the following: "We lost one machine the crew being P/O Beauclair, Sgt Owen and L.A.C. Dobson.  Their aircraft landed in flames behind the enemy lines, but all escaped injury.  We have since learned that they walked all day towards our lines but were captured.  They are now lodged in a hotel at Ben Ghazi." Recorded at actual time of event

THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT GIVING THE ITALIAN PERSPECTIVE: ............Two hours later, at around 07:00 seven more CR.32s scrambled to meet another attack directed on El Adem. Six of the aircraft were from the 94a Squadriglia (Capitano Franco Lavelli, Tenente Giovanni Tadini, Sergente Maggiore Alessandro Ruzzene, Sergente Maggiore Billi, Sergente Maggiore Arturo Cardano and Sergente Maggiore Trento Cecchi while the seventh was from the 92a Squadriglia (CO Martino Zannier). The Italian pilots had a slight height advantage over the seven Blenheims and this made it possible to intercept. The Fiat pilots claimed two bombers shot down (one into the sea and one from which the crew was seen to bale out) and four damaged, all shared among the seven pilots. Zannier returned at 07:40 with the engine on his fighter damaged and having expended 500 rounds of ammunition. The pilots of the 94a Squadriglia landed five minutes later, having spent 3770 rounds of ammunition.  SOURCE: http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/italy_billi.htm

29/06/1940  L8436, Mk IV, FTR,  damaged by flack while bombing El Gubbi and ditched into sea off Bardia, P/O D Pike , Sgt R. Lidstone and Sgt J Taylor rescued and became POW's.

Sgt Bernard Shelton was friends of the A/G on L8436 and comments in a letter home: "The pilot tried to get it back over the border, but failed and they came down in the Mediterranean and the crew were picked up by the Italian Navy.  Apparently the crew are now being held prisoners of war in Libya".

THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT GIVING THE ITALIAN PERSPECTIVE: .........At sunrise on 29 June nine Blenheims bombed the airfield of Tobruk T2. Three CR.32s of 93a Squadriglia, 8o Gruppo, 2o Stormo C.T. and three CR.42s of  77a Squadriglia, 13o Gruppo, 2o Stormo C.T. scrambled under the falling bombs to intercept them. Tenente Giulio Torresi of 77a Squadriglia reached the bombers at six-o'-clock and attacked the last Blenheim which, after three strafes, caught fire and fell. Then, avoiding defensive fire, he attacked another bomber and shot it down. Sottotenente Gian Mario Zuccarini of 93 Squadriglia and Sergente Maggiore Fausti shared a third Blenheim and then, following the formation out over the open sea, they claimed another two, one each. Another Blenheim was shared by the other pilots, which damaged two more. It seems that they have been involved in combat with Blenheims from 113 Squadron, which lost three aircraft. L8436 flown by Pilot Officer Pike was damaged by flak and ditched. L8447 flown by 31-year-old Flying Officer Walter Ronald Price Knight Mason (RAF no. 70450) was shot down in flames by fighters and at least the pilot was killed. L8522 flown by 27-year-old Flight Sergeant Ralph Harry Knott (RAF no. 590277 was also shot down in flames by enemy fighters and at least the pilot was killed.

Torresi, Zuccarini (who was wounded in a leg) and Fausti were all awarded with the Medaglia d'argento al valore militare after this combat.
NOTE: The above is presented as found and  has conflicts in several areas with the official  records.

Sources: Sources: http://www.dalnet.se/~surfcity/italy_ceoletta.htm

29/06/1940  L8447, Mk 1, FTR, from same sortie as L8436, shot down in flames by fighters, F/O Walter Mason (pilot), Sgt James Juggins , Sgt George K. Biggins * KIA. Commemorated Alamein Libya.  ( See L8436 )
SOURCE: Graham Warner
*Note: Sgt George Biggins incorrectly identified as J Biggins

29/06/1940  L8522, Mk 1, FTR, from same sortie as L8447, shot down in flames by fighters, F/Sgt Ralph Knott , Sgt J. Barber , LAC. J. Toner KIA. Commemorated Alamein Libya. ( See L8436 )

16/09/1940  T2052, Mk IV, crashed and burnt in night landing at LG15 Ma'aten Bagush on transit flight, P/O Eric Samuel Roberts (42362) the solo pilot killed. Buried El Alamein war cemetery.

The following graphic description of this tradgedy is extracted from P/O Michael Shekletons diary: This evening was marred by an event so sudden and unexpected it affected us all. During the afternoon the Aboukir had delivered a new long-nose and Flights had armed it.  A bit before dark young Roberts, lately arrived from the UK volunteered to fly it to the satellite. For some reason known only to them Group had cleared MB of aircraft for the night. There was, we were told, to be a squadron take-off from there at dawn for a Benina raid.

Roberts took off rather later than planned but the satellite is only five miles away and there was ample time for him to do it in daylight. Dickie Squires was over at Fuka waiting for one of our kites that was promised by six pm. When he didn't return it was assumed he would be staying over because our Chance Light and crew was on loan to 211 Squadron and Dickie was aware of this. In the Mess at about eight we heard the drone of a Blenheim. The CO jumped up shouting, "My God! Dickie Squires! Lights, quick!" He dashed out followed by Bob and I. The CO's car was there and two pick-ups ready for the morning. We all tore through the camp to the strip and made a row with headlights on. Bob's pick-up had a Very pistol and a torch. We stood looking up at the sky and quickly located the errant a/c. It was making a wide circle to the north with its nav lights on. Just as Bob was loading the Very to indicate our position to our bewilderment Group's siren started up and a moment later the a/c which had turned beyond Group and was now headed toward us was caught in a hail of light flak. It came on towards us rapidly losing height in what seemed to be an approach. Group sounded an all-clear but by then the a/c which or may not have been hit had climbed again and was headed toward the satellite where, as we heard later, a flare path had been laid out and probably picked out by the pilot.

The CO said he'd drive over there and 'pick him up' meaning Dickie, and Bob and I drove to the Ops tent where Jock was standing anxiously at the entrance. Seconds later engines sounded again and a Blenheim dived into the airstrip with an almighty crash followed at once by the heavy thud of 250s exploding. Bob jumped straight back into the pick-up and I piled in after him. He drove toward the fiery mess. Bob had done a bit of thinking and at once eliminated Dickie because that machine would not have been bombed up. But I had forgotten Roberts. We stood and watched as the machine burned itself out. No one could get near it though the fire0truck hurled gallons of water at it.

Roberts had already done some months of operations from the UK and had flown the  Blemheim out from there to Egypt. His log book revealed he had made lots of night landings though none out here. Bob had flown with him and judged him to be an excellent pilot - indeed he had already asked Barney if he could have him for A Flight to replace poor Victor. He was only nineteen.

18/09/1940  T2048, Mk IV, FTR, from raid on Tmimi, shot down by CR.42's, S/Ldr J. Keily DFC, AFC (Barney), baled out and captured, P/O John Sisman Cleaver , Sgt. J. Jobson KIA. Buried in Knightsbridge war cemetery Acroma, Libya.

Sergente Maggiore Basso served in the 13o Gruppo of the 2o Stormo C.T., which was operating in North Africa and equipped with Fiat CR.42s.

On 18 September 26 CR.42s led by Maggiore Revetria of 13o Gruppo intercepted nine Blenheims at 3,000 feet over Tmini. The British bombers had released some bombs over the airfield and were turning to make a second pass. Tenente Guglielmo Chiarini, Sergente Maggiore Basso and Sergente Porta each claimed a Blenheim. After following the bombers Chiarini was wounded in a shoulder and forced to abort while Basso claimed his second bomber. A fifth bomber was claimed as a shared. 113 Squadron reported that one of their Blenheim Mk.IVs was shot down in flames, and claimed to have destroyed one of their attackers and possibly a second. No CR.42s were however lost but several were hit.

TOTAL: 2 and 1 shared destroyed claimed in combat with Blenheim Mk.IVs from 113 Squadron. Italian fighters claimed five but 113 Squadron only lost one aircraft.
NOTE: The above is presented as found.
Sources: http://www.dalnet.se/~surfcity/italy_ceoletta.htm

30/09/1940  T2171, Mk IV, FTR, shot down into Mediterranean by CR. 42's on return from raid on Maraua. Sgt Leslie Cator, pilot , Sgt. K Meadowcroft , Sgt Bernard Shelton (aged 18) KIA. Commemorated on Alamein Memorial

13/10/1940   L8463, Mk 1, Lost, no further details. Note this aircraft could possibly be confused with L8436. Research per F/Lt Tony Day

27/10/1940  T2068, Mk IV, FTR, became lost on return from Benghazi, abandoned in air near Amriya, F/O P. Squires , Sgt Durrant , Sgt Hancorn safe.

19/11/1940   L8461, Mk 1   Lost, no further details. Research per F/Lt Tony Day

26/11/1940   T2067-?B  (DOUBLE NUMBER SEE 26/11/1941) Mk IV, FTR, shot down on sortie from Ma'aten Bagush, F/O Donald S Anderson - pilot , Sgt. George H Lee - Obo, Sgt Earnest S. Young WOp/Ag all KIA. Details of loss are unknown

Sgt Joseph Crawford,  648647 Missing FTR 09/12/1940. NO LOSSES LISTED THIS DATE ????

12/12/1940  L8465 Mk 1, Missing, no further details. Research per F/Lt Tony Day

20/12/1940  T2059 Mk IV, FTR from sortie to LG68 (Waterloo), F/O V. Firth , Sgt E. McKim , Sgt G. Lyle KIA, commemorated on Alamein Memorial.

20/12/1940  L8462 Mk 1, Struck Off charge. Research per F/Lt Tony Day

11/02/1941  R3917 Mk IV under repair at 31 Air Stores Park at El Adem and was destroyed when the hangar caught fire.

06/04/1941  T2168, Mk IV, Record states: overshot landing at Niamata and ran in to Canal on return from Petris. From log book of Sgt JD Woodcock: Blenheim T2168 on a solo night bombing raid 06/04/1941 to Petrich Bulgaria. Here they encountered AA fire which holed the fuselage in numerous places following which the aircraft crash landed back at base. All crew survived.
T2168 crashed on landing at Niamata?  The ditch in the picture is not a canal, rather it was dug on both sides of the airstrip to drain the swampy ground. Several aircraft hit it. Several  ground crew report using the banks of the ditch for cover during the attacks of 15/04/1941
SOURCE: family of Sgt JD Woodcock

07/04/1941  L9338, Mk IV, crash landed on return to Niamata

14/04/1941  T2177, Mk IV damaged by friendly AA fire when attempting to drop unfused bombs for NZ Sappers to destroy a bridge, on returning to Larissa the undercarriage collapsed and they found that the Eastern Wing HQ had been evacuated leaving them stranded there. P/O G. Green, Sgt Gingell, and Sgt Jamieson unhurt. Aircraft was further damaged during air attack on 15/04/41 and abandoned.

TAKEN AT LARISSA GREECE, Photo taken from captured German
These boys were having a really "bad day", first they escape death after getting shot at by their own people, seriously  damaged they miraculously then limp home only to crash upon landing at the base. Again miraculously uninjured,  climbing from the wreck they find that the whole squadron has up and left "without telling them", then to top off their day they find  out they are stranded on a base about to be over run by the Germans. You can almost hear the curses and wisecracks between the boys this day.  Serial T2177 - V

LAC Sgt. Norman Say comments in his memoirs: I did hear later that after we evacuated the Larissa airport the German paratroopers arrived there the next day, and some months later we saw a picture of them examining our aircraft in Picture Post. Also we were told that our kitbags had been collected up and Lord Haw-Haw read out our names as having been killed in Greece. I don’t think anyone at home heard about it.

SOURCE: This picture has been published extensively in numerous books and newspapers. This particular one is from K Crawford, others from newspapers  are on file with various captions. One of the crew members I believe wrote a story about this incident but I have yet to re-find it.

15/04/1941 T2054, T2069, T2169, T2182, T2186,  T2216 all destroyed on the ground at the 113's new base at Niamata by strafing enemy 109's. Later this day following five more attacks, all the rest of 113's aircraft were destroyed including their Miles Magistar used for communications. The squadron evacuated the area by fire tender and commandeered road transport as all of its other vehicles were destroyed.

07/05/1941  L8444, Mk IV lost in Greece or Crete cause not recorded.

30/05/1941  T2183 abandoned in Crete, no further details known.

NOTE: As recorded above the losses for the period in greece total 11 aircraft. These are T2168, L9338, T2177, T2054, T2069, T2169, T2182, T2186, T2216, L8444*, T2183*. The loss dates of the last two are questionable.

02/07/1941   V5928 Mk IV, FTR from raid to Derna, F/O  J. Middlehurst , P/O J. Shepherd , Sgt. J. Rooney KIA.

06/07/1941  V5507 Mk IV, engine hit in raid on Gazala, made single engine belly landing at Fuka. No injuries to crew.

08/07/1941  V5793 Mk IV, destroyed in raid by Me 110's on LG15.
In juli gingen de Me 110's verder met het uitvoeren van grondaanvallen en leden daarbij weinig verliezen. Op 8 juli om 08.00 Hr vielen enkele Me 110's het vliegveld van Maaten Bagush aan en vernietigden een Blenheim van no. 113 Sqdn aan de grond.

09/08/1941  V5990, Mk IV FTR shot down by friendly RAF night fighter off Mersa Matruh in raid on Bardia. Sgt G Woodroffe OBS, Sgt Greenless WOp/ Ag KIA, Sgt Sands the pilot survived.

19/08/1941  T2113 Mk IV tail damaged and broke off when it struck rocks recovering from a dive, crashed into the sea near Ras el Kenay Islands.

It is believed that Sgt Norman M Gregor was the pilot of this aircraft and Desmond Arthur McLeish (AC-1) was also aboard as acting gunner or Obo.
It is known that the squadron used a reef around this time for target practice and that there had been one or more aircraft losses so the practice was stopped.

NOTE: Ras el Kenayis is in Egypt East of  Maaten Bagush near the sea, this was the main camp for the New Zelanders MG division in Sept 1941 in preparation for General Cunninghams offensive.

31/08/1941   V6136 Mk IV FTR to LG14 from raid to Benghazi, W/Cdr R. Spencer DFC, P/O W. Sears , F/Sgt Philip James Robertson - Pratt KIA
LG14 is apparently near Ma'aten Bagush

31/08/1941  T2066 Mk IV FTR to LG14 from raid on Benghazi, Sgt. G Sulman , Sgt D (Snowy) Rhodes , Sgt P. Thacker KIA
LG14 is apparently near Ma'aten Bagush

22/09/1941 (Serial unknown) LG15 Bir Zimla / Sidi Haneish. On the 22nd of Sept  F/O Brooks was conducting night bombing practice. An  F.A.A. Albacore dropped flares over the landing ground with two Blenheims making practice low-level bombing runs on the L.G. During the exercise one taxied into a slit trench, and the other went too low and crashed. The pilot F/O Brooks was killed and the Ob. received two broken legs.  Source: Sgt Ewan Brooking and CWGC. Note that the CWGC lists F/O Brooks as the Observer & not the pilot.

28/09/1941  T1821 Mk IV FTR to Luqa from raid on E boat base Pantellaria. F/Sgt Harry Crossley 649728, F/Sgt. John Swan 755884, F/Sgt Albert Edward Smith 656869 KIA. The crew is buried on Malta. ( NOTE:113 was based in the Western Desert but had dettached a flight at Malta during this period, with the principal purpose of forming the outer ring of defense for an important convoy sailing to Malta)

20/10/1941  V6030 Mk IV, ran into soft sand on landing at Giarabub and overturned.

20/10/1941 (Serial ??), A joint operation of 113 & 55 Squadrons. 6 planes from each Squadron led by S/L Blackmore of 55. The target was the enemy airfield of Gambut.The formation was attacked by a strong force of M.E. 109's. The Blenheim of Sgt.Chris Jenkinson Obo. and Sgt Ken Duffin and other unknown) was last seen with half the tail shot off, both engines on fire, low down over the sea, and 2 109's circling round for the kill.  S/L Blackmores plane was also shot down in flames. The 5 planes left from 113 Squadron, suffered damage to varying degrees. One Nav/B was injured. (SOURCE: Sgt Ewan Brooking)

NOTE: This day of the 20th according to W.O. L Walker log, during op's to Gambut they were attacked by 8 to 10 109's and 2 Blenheims were missing, this reference is with certainty the two aircraft above, one being that of 55 Squadron. Note that a record of this loss can not be found .

24/10/1941  V6464 Mk IV engine cut out on takeoff at Qasaba, belly landed on rough ground.

01/11/1941  Z5907 Mk IV engine fire, crash landed by Ma'aten Bagush.

19/11/1941  Z5866 Mk IV crashed just after take off at Giarabub cause unknown.  Sgt John Hemus pilot, Sgt John Dewar Obs, Sgt William Lee WOp/Ag all killed.

Sgt John Hemus and crew, Sgt John Dewar Obs., Sgt William Lee WOp/Ag had recently arrived on the Squadron and were killed on 19/11/1941 in a  tragic accident while at Giarabub when their Blenheim crashed on takeoff killing all onboard. Sgt Hansen states: while at Giarabub a Blenheim with a recently arrived Canadian crew on board crashed on takeoff. Sgt Hansen recalls "they had a motor failure and just managed to climb over the escarpment and crashed into a gully. The aircraft was on fire when we reached it but there was no chance of any rescue". (This crash described by Sgt Hansen is certainly Z5866 piloted by Sgt John Hemus, however only Sgt Lee was RCAF. Sgt Hansen thought the crew were all Canadian) Sgt George Checketts also confirms this crash.
SOURCE: CWGC web site, Sgt Keith Hansen, Sgt George Checketts

A photo of the graves can be seen in the photo album 2 section
Note: This aircraft had been on dettachment to Malta with Sgt Baker, Sgt Checketts & crew per Checketts log.

25/11/1941  Z6438 Mk IV hit by light flak and returned to base but was damaged beyond repair.

26/11/1941   T2067-?A (DOUBLE NUMBER SEE 26/11/1940) Mk IV reported missing on raid, no further details squadron records lost in Burma.

12/12/1941  SERIAL ????   Sgt Leonard Purves RAAF, P/O Anthony Galvin RAAF, 2nd Lt Cedric Summersgill SAAF all KIA. Can not find record of an aircraft lost this date or where or how they died, they are buried in the Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery. Note photos of graves in personnel section show they were initially buried in Giarabub, such being the case this crash is very likely V5588 noted below.

14/12/1941  V5588 Mk IV crashed at Giarabub, no further details available.

13/01/1942  Z7790 Mk ?? Reported shot down by return fire from Ju52's off Malta. NOTE: 113 had left for India, either an error or was an abandoned aircraft salvaged for use by another squadron.

24/01/1942  Z7582 MKIV FTR from a raid on Bangkok, Sgt P Keeley, Sgt Dingle, Sgt D Briggs KIA  On 24 January a night raid was made on Bangkok, all serviceable aircraft participating. The Blenheims attacked singly at ten-minute intervals, bombing from 2000 feet with a war load of four 250 lb. bombs and four 25 lb. incendiaries. Large explosions and several fires resulted. An intense anti-aircraft barrage was again encountered over the target area, and two aircraft, including Z7582 piloted by Sergeant Keeley, failed to return.

27/01/1942   Z6012 MKIV Lt. Viney with his usual crew of Sgt Jack Wholers and Sgt Ewan Brooking, were one of six crews briefed in the afternoon for a night raid on Bangkok. Our plane was Z6012. We had just become airborne when the port motor cut out. Viney put it back on the runway, which ended too soon, So he pulled up the under-carriage, and we came to rather an abrupt halt. One wheel had collapsed before the other, so we did a ground loop and ended up facing where we had come from. Z6012 was a write-off. I was definitely the N/B in this case. As far as I can remember, while I was with 113, this was the only crash that involved Lt. Viney. The bomb load was 4x250lbs. and 4 incendiaries. (Source Sgt Ewan Brooking)

08/02/1942 ???? MK?? Piloted by Hookey Russell from Mingaladon to Toungoo carrying his crews kit as well as that of Sgt J Chapman, Chapman went on ahead taking the crews in his aircraft. On landing Hookey had difficulty and bounced hitting some barrels and caught fire. Bill Clearihue who was standing nearby jumped on the wing of the burning aircraft and pulled Lt Russell free who was burned but survived. (above per Sgt J Chapman, copyright Air War Over The Arakan by author F/Lt Tony Day) (There is no official record of a loss this date)

17/02/1942   Z7916 MKIV The official record states :Engine cut out on takeoff at Zayatkwin and swung off runway. The aircraft was later abandoned on evacuation of the aerodrome. NOTE:According to Sgt J Chapman, Z7916 was being piloted by 'Tiger' Lloyd on Ops with 12 other aircraft (6 of 113 Sqd and 6 of 60 Sqd) to Cheing Mei. quote: "Tiger Lloyd was in the fifth position; 'Yoppy' Loan, an Aussie, took off in fourth position and because it was a dirt runway, a lot of dust hung in the air. 'Tiger' thought we had left without him so he started down the strip into the dust. I was flying No 2 and looking down on the strip I could see an IAF Lysander gaily taxying down the center of the takeoff strip. 'Tiger' broke through the dust and saw the Lysander coming towards him so he swerved to the left to avoid the dummy. In the meantime a truck had pulled up to the edge of the strip and stopped. 'Tigers' aircraft hurdled the back of the truck, bounced over and landed in a heap of dust. In 30 seconds, 'Tiger' and his crew had already run a quarter mile, quickly followed by the truck driver. Fortunately no one was hurt. (above per Sgt J Chapman, copyright Air War Over The Arakan by author F/Lt Tony Day) Note there is a photo of this crash.

01/03/1942  V6467  MKIV Crashed on take off at Magwe & abandoned there on evacuation. Pilot S/Ldr Ford unhurt and Sgt Scott - Chard slightly hurt.

04/03/1942  Z7783 MkIV* Magwe 1500hrs    F/Lt Lee and crew, Sgt Brett (0), Sgt Walker (G) with three crews from 45 Squadron carried out a bombing attack in the Sittang river area. F/Lt Lee was flying in No 4 position. The formation was flying at approx 1,500 feet when attacked by enemy fighters, believed to be Navy "O" type. F/Lt Lee left the formation and dived to ultra low level in an attempt to escape but was attacked by four enemy aircraft,  three astern and one in front. The pilot was hit by a bullet and the aircraft crashed west of the Sittang River, and 60 miles east of Pegu. The gunner, Sgt Lister Walker, climbed out and the pilot attempted to do the same but was fatally shot and fell back into the cockpit which was by then afire. The gunner attempted to pull F/Lt Lee out from the cockpit thinking he was wounded, but as the bullet wound was in the head he realized it was fatal. He then looked for Sgt Brett the Observer, whom he found 50 yards from the nose of the aircraft, dead, with his head smashed in. Sgt Walker was then obliged to shelter under the tail of the aircraft while the four enemy aircraft made four strafing attacks. Later hearing artillery fire to the N.E. he walked in the opposite direction & after two days with friendly Burmans arrived at Thamatpin, approx 15 miles east of Pegu. Reporting to Capt. Ince of the Burma Rifles, Sgt Walker was given transport to Army Brigade HQ and thence to  Rangoon, ultimately reporting to 113 Squadron. The aircraft was completely burnt out.
 extract from the ORB's. PRO reference AIR27/878 per the above. Extract obtained from Charlie Walker, son of Sgt Lister Walker.

15/03/1942  Z7969 MKIV  Engine cut on takeoff at Ratmalana and crashed   ** DOUBLE NUMBER SEE ALSO 11/05/1942

18/04/1942  V5957 Mk? Destroyed in taxying accident at Asansol.

19/04/1942  Z9820 MkIV  Crashed into/near the Irrawaddy river near Alanmyo while on detachment to China. F/O Max Hickey, pilot and F/Sgt Edgar E Campbell and F/O Ron Llewellyn Rogers posted as missing. Later all presumed KIA. Graham Warner incorrectly lists crew KIA ON 24/04/1942

This crash was witnessed by Sgt John Reid and crew who were on this raid, The rear gunner Len White reported seeing a cloud of dust where F/O Hickey crashed which would indicate he did not crash in the river. Sgt Reid reports that F/O Hickey's aircraft was low on the inside of  of a steep bank to Port when he noticed Hickeys Blenheim getting very close to the tress and Pagodas. There were Jap troops on the ground in the area and it is possible Hickey's aircraft was hit or he could have hit trees or structure. Given how very low he was and that he was a seasoned pilot it is almost a certainty he had been hit by groundfire.
Also Note Contradiction: In a letter to Tony Day, F/O Jim Purves states (per his log book) he flew to Lashio in Z7856 on Apr 17th ( 17/04/1942 ) here he became ill and someone else flew Z7856 back. On the 27th when he was well he returned to base from Lashio flying Z9820. (see V6333 & Z7856 below)

20/04/1942  Z7634 Mk? Undercarriage collapsed in heavy landing at Dum Dum, aircraft removed from service officially 15/08/1942

23/04/1942   Z9803 Mk? Swung on landing at Chittagong and under carriage collapsed.

24/04/1942  UNKNOWN SERIAL  Blenheim crew: Pilot W/O Bill (Victor William) Hinds RAF,  Obs F/S Aitken, WOp/Ag F/Sgt Alan Bailes. On 24th April 1942 F/Sgt Bailes states: we flew to Lashio airfield behind Flying Officer D.J. Hammond, R.N.Z.A.F. and his crew: Obs P/O Evans ; WOp/Ag Sgt "Tassie" Lord, R.A.A.F from Tasmania. We were briefed by Group Captain Noel Singer to attack' Japanese M.T concentrations along the Hopong - loilein road about one hundred rniles due south. We carried four 250 pound G.P bombs with eleven second delay fuses, since the attack was to pressed home from Iow level. F/O Hammond led, skimming over the tree tops of the Shan States. Nearing the target I noticed with apprehension that Bill Hinds had lost formation and the leading Blenheim was some way ahead As we dived Iow over the Japanese column M.T. in attack, l was firing the twin Browning.303 inch machine guns when there was an orange coloured explosion on the ground just below our starboard wing. As we climbed away after Jock had released our bombs I noticed grey smoke or vapour streaming from our starboard engine. We had been hit, either by Japanese flak, or more probably the explosion from F/0 Hammond's bombs. Minutes later Bill Hinds ordered me to bale out. We were at just over one thousand feet when I jumped. As I descended in sudden silence I saw the aircraft flying northwards, still trailing smoke. Nothing more was ever heard of Bill or Jock, the latter a Glaswegian who had survived the bombing of the SS Lancastria at St. Nazaire in 1940, and who had pulled me from the blazing wreck of an 88 squadron Blenheim at Swanton Morley in Norfolk in July 1941. SOURCE: F/Sgt Alan Bailes

24/04/1942   V6333 MkIV  Hydraulics damaged by ground fire, belly landed at Lashio and abandoned there on evacuation.SOURCE: Graham Warner

Jim Purves reported that an engine had been removed from V6333 on the 27th April and fitted to his aircraft Z7856. (see Z9820 above & Z7856 below) Source: excerpts of Air War Over The Arakan Author Tony Day

27/04/1942   Z7856  Mk??   See Above 24/04/1942 V6333
Jim Purves reported that an engine had been removed from V6333 on the 27th April and fitted to his aircraft Z7856. This same day he was the last to evacuate Lashio and during the flight out the throttle stuck open and spun the prop off. (Once again this engine brought a Blenheim down to its demise). Luckily this happened after they were over the worst of the mountains and Jim was able to keep the aircraft aloft, they picked out the railway line and following this to Calcutta they made a belly landing at Dum Dum. (The starboard engine runs the hydraulics ie: no Landing gear)

Note: In a letter to Author F/Lt Tony Day, Jim states (per his log book) he flew to Lashio in Z7856 on Apr 17th ( 17/04/1942 ) here he became ill and someone else flew Z7856 back. On the 27th when he was well he returned to base from Lashio flying Z9820. (As per the above, later on the 27th Jim Pranged Z7856.)

(reference V6333 & Z7856 & Z9820, none of it makes sense )

Purves QUOTE: On Aprill 27th 1942 (27/04/1942) I flew back from Lashio flying an a/c  initially flown there by P/O Griffiths, my log book has the a/c listed as 9820 I flew over in Z7856 on April 17th (to Lashio) This a/c was flown back by another crew because I became ill with Dengue Fever. I was lucky to find a way out

04/05/1942  Z6281 Mk? Engine cut out and crashed in forced landing in Hooghly River, Bengal. P/O (Lt. SAAF) John Mc Glashan and crew rescued. This crash was witnessed by Sgt John Reid who says P/O McLashans aircraft kept getting lower and lower untill it splashed into the river. There was no radio contact between him & the other aircraft in the flight. P/O McGlashan & crew were seen to climb out onto the wing. P/O McGlashan crashed again a few weeks later on 31/05/1942 and was fatally injured. see V6029

11/05/1942  Z7969 Mk? Destroyed in a gale at Asansol

11/05/1942  Z7852 Mk? Destroyed in a gale at Asansol

23/05/1942  Z9620 Mk? Missing in bad storm while on training flight from Asansol, cause unknown, F/O Eric Pearse , F/O Colin Grigg , F/Sgt Joe Germein all RAAF, KIA   (Pearse spelled with S not C)

25/05/1942  Z9741 Mk? Belly landed at Amtali short of fuel when all airfields closed due to bad storm. Sgt Taylor (RCAF) and crew uninjured. This was one of two accidents this day.  SOURCE: G Warner & Tony Day research notes

25/05/1942  L7965 Mk? Tire burst on takeoff at Asansol, crashed and caught fire. Sgt. Kitchen , Pilot, Sgt Hulme Obs, severely burned, Sgt Simpson WOp/Ag concussed.

31/05/1942  V6029 MKIV  Collided with Wellington BB510 of 215 Squadron at Dum Dum upon landing after aborting a raid and returning due to engine problems. (BB510 was the usual aircraft of 215 C.O. Webster) The bombed up aircraft caught fire and soon after exploded destroying both aircraft. P/O (Lt. SAAF) John McGlashan pilot died of injuries 5 days later. (part above per Graham Warner ), witnesses report McGlashan was trapped in the cockpit and could not be freed in time but G Warner records he died five days later) CWGS records McGlashans death as 05/06/1942 buried in hospital cemetery in Calcutta) Some records incorrectly show McGlashan as on ops 06/06/1942

06/06/1942  Z7758 Mk?  F/Sgt Fred Banks (Freddy) and crew Sgt William Drake WOp/Ag,  Obo unknown, took off from base at 8.46 a.m. on 6th. june 1942 (06/06/1942) as one of a formation, detailed to carry out an attack on shipping at Akyab, Burma. The flight of four Blenheims consisted of three 113 Squadron aircraft ( unknown, Banks, Keys) and one from 60 Squadron carrying 4 X 250 lb bombs. The specific target being a supply ship.

Enroute to the target one aircraft returned to base with a problem. (This returning aircraft wrongly listed by others as McGlashan) The remaining three aircraft continued on to the target whereupon the leader of the formation signalled to prepare to attack. The formation with the exception of F/Sgt Banks aircraft then reduced speed and made the attack with bombs falling on both the Jetty and Sampans in the harbour. At some point on the bombing run in on the target F/Sgt Fred Banks Blenheim was hit by AA fire and seen to fall into the sea in flames. Sgt Keys (RNZAF) although also hit and damaged, was able to return to base as did the 60 Squadron aircraft.

Sgt John Reid, although not on this particular raid, was a 113 Squadron pilot and knew the crews: quote; "I well remember Sgt Keys telling me about Freddie Banks aircraft being on fire and attempting to keep up with them and they trying to keep a respectable distance, untill finally the aircraft blew up and became a total flamer as it went into the sea. The thought of Freddie Banks fate came to me momentarily when I discovered my own aircraft on fire on the 9th of September."

18/06/1942  Z7892 MkIV FTR from raid to Myitkina. S/Ldr Clifton Harper (Pilot), P/O Leonard Beauchamp (Obs) KIA no record of WOp/Ag.
The Orbs state:  TEZPUR   18/06/1942  S/Ldr Harper and crew, F/Sgt Tapp and crew, and Sgt Hockney and crew, set off from DINJAN where they refuelled to bomb MYITKYINA. Target was bungalows on the river bank of the supposed H,Q of a Jap General and staff. Owing to very bad weather and 10/10 cloud on way to target, the formation Split and Sgt Hockney returned with engine trouble. F/Sgt Tapp proceeded on his own to the target and on reaching MYITKYINA decided to bomb the aerodrome as there were 4 large twin engined aircraft in it. The bombs fell in a stick at the North East of the runway about 5O yards from the twin engined aircraft. F/Sgt Tapp returned to TEZPUR. S/Ldr Harper who was only seen once after the formation broke up in the clouds was not  seen by F/Sgt Tapp over the target and failed to return. S/Ldr C.W.Harper and his Observer P/O A.L. Beauchamp RAAF posted missing as a result of active operations.

According to official records there was reportedly no WOp/Ag on board, however it has since been determined the F/Sgt Kevan was beyond any doubt the gunner on this flight. The fact he is not mentioned in any official documents concerning the loss is likely as Tony Day suggests, that F/Sgt Kevan was a last minute replacement.

08/07/1942   Z6155 Mk? Unable to climb out of blind valley in bad weather, Sgt Butcher crash landed the aircraft near Fort White, Burma. F/Sgt Fred Butcher and crew Sgt John Kirkpatrick Obo and Sgt Steel A/G were also injured.

Pilot Sgt. John Reid recalls the valley trap which caught Butcher: "I saw that blind valley that caused Butcher to belly land on the slope. The Japs were causing problems to the UK troops at Fort White. On 07/07/1942 operating from Tezpur, we were briefed to do a bombing raid (single aircraft) on Kalemyo and then do an offensive low level recco with strafing of the Kalewa Road and then the road to Fort White, situated in the foothills of the main range. As we turned around a bend in the road there was an inviting valley with the same road in the distance climbing to Fort White. Peter Wilson (Obs) shouted “Watch it, its too narrow”. I also could see the danger so we turned tail and got out of it before returning to Tezpur. We reported this trap on de-briefing and I cannot help but wonder if it was passed on to Butcher, who got trapped in the same valley the next day, 8/7/42. It could have been so easy to get into an impossible situation with the steep ridges on either side of the valley preventing even a steep turn to get out,  the rising ground ahead being too high to climb over even on full throttle".

26/07/1942  Z7768 Mk? Engine cut on takeoff at Asansol, swung into mud and tipped up.

09/08/1942  L8446 Mk 1 Struck off charge.

18/08/1942  T2245 Mk? Crashed at Kalihah during internal security flight. F/Sgt Stanley. Goss killed in crash. Crew murdered by local inhabitants.

09/09/1942   V6507 Mk? Shot down in raid with 60 squadron on Akyab, F/Lt O. (Yoppy) Loane, Sgt Tom Barnard, Sgt T. Bell all Australians  were KIA.

09/09/1942  V5589 MkIV (see note *B*) Joint raid with 60Sqd. Shot down over the Port of Akyab near Oyster Island while bombing ships in the harbour. The vessel Niyo Maru was successfully sunk. Pilot Sgt Reid , Navigator Peter Wilson and W/O Len White were captured by the Japanese.  (information per pilot Sgt J. Reid, vis Kevin Crawford)
See the Photo Section for picture of attack and story behind this ship.
12/09/1942   V5938 MkIV (see note *B*) Crashed, no other info. Date & serial per Tony Day

NOTE *B* Graham Warner book states that V5938 was Shot down 09/09/1942 in raid with 60 squadron on Akyab,  Sgt Reid and crew KIA This is an error, Sgt Reid states he is still reasonably alive and I feel confident he is telling the truth. He also states his aircraft was V5589 a MKIV
***V5589 , V6491, V5938 are all Mk IV built by Rootes

12/09/1942  Z7985 MkIV Two light bombs fell off on taxying out at Argartala and blew up. Aircraft destroyed by fire. F/Sgt M Foster , (Pilot), and F/Sgt L. Tatton nickname Darky (Obs) were badly burned, Darky died later that day from his injuries. WOp/Ag uninjured.
Note: The name is Mike ffolliet Foster. PWoodward records the pilots name as Folliett Forte, an American in the RAF, he also states they were heading to bomb Mandalay. page 11 PWoodward booklet. The Australian War Memorial web site references this raid on Mandalay confirming this date and stating both 60 & 113 were involved. A picture of the raid is here on the site also. Chappy Chapman also comments on this crash, see his profile and that of the crew.

28/09/1942  Z7369 MkIV Collided with Z9749 halfway down runway at Asansol and destroyed by fire, Sgt Taylor and crew escaped. Corp Glyn Edwards witnessed this crash: The two Blenheims which touched wings were taking off abreast, bound for Argartala and a sortie over Burma. Piloted by Sgt Taylor and Sgt McLellan, both planes caught fire immediately but the crews managed to get out before the bombs and ammo went up. Debris and splinters went everywhere and I was one of several who dived for cover on this 'scary' September day of 1942 at Asansol.  No spares were salvaged from either aircraft.

28/09/1942  Z9749 MkIV Collided with Z7369 halfway down runway at Asansol and destroyed by fire, Sgt McLellan  and crew escaped. (SEE ABOVE)

11/10/1942  Z9598 Mk?   Hit a tree low flying giving the ground gunners (RAF Regt) practice at expereiencing lead off on low flying aircraft. All the crew were killed. The pilot was Harry "Scoop" Peters, the Obo W/O Bowyer Pearce,an Aussie, Sgt David Davies Wop/Ag. Chappy who was on leave at the time recalls the tragedy as Peters owed Chappy $40, which obviously Chappy did not recover.
Source: Correspondence with Tony Day and excerpts of/copyright Air War Over The Arakan

NOTE: Corp Glyn Edwards witnessed this accident & incorrectly records it in his diary as being on 23d. July 1942 (23/07/1942). Quote:  'Joseph' the pilot with the dressing gown of many colours, and two other crew members, are no longer with us ... they were killed when their Blenheim hit a tree when carrying out low-flying practice. Speaking to them shortly before take-off, little did any of us know that within a matter of  minutes, I would be gazing down at the joined and mangled bodies of the airgunner and observer, with 'Joseph' seated rigid in the cockpit where he had died; his eyes still staring into space and without a blemish on his face. The aircraft which had cannoned off  the top of the tree, turned into a tangled heap of metal as it crashed into the ground; the cockpit being the only identifiable part of the plane. Being first on the scene, I was sickened by the sight, and as the station ambulance and fire-tender sped up, I limped away fom the area ... another horrible memory to stay with me for the rest of my life ! (Note the boys nicknamed Harry Peters 'Joseph' because of his habit of wearing a brightly coloured dressing gown around camp.)

11/10/1942  Z9590 MkIV  Engine cut on take off at Assansol & crashed, flown by Wal McLennan RAAF attached to 113 from 45Sqd.

10/11/1942  V6491 MkIV  (*see note A*) Shot down by flak in raid on Akyab. W/O Conan T. Allen  (Canadian) , F/Sgt Jim. Williams (Navigator) , Sgt Stan Mintern WOp/Ag  KIA.  Sgt Gerloff in W/C Walters crew witnessed Sgt Allen's aircraft V6491 roll over on its back and plunge into the bay inverted believed to have been hit by flack.

NOTE *A* Graham Warner Blenheim book page 563 identifies a picture of a 113 Blenheim crashing into the port at Akyab on 10/11/1942 as being V6491 and states the crew was killed. An extract from squadron records supports Warner and indicates this aircraft was Allens. This photo has also been identified by John Reid as his aircraft V5589.

F/O Pat Woodward in his book, No 113 Crusader Squadron, A Brief History, identifies the aircraft in the picture as Sgt Reids, the picture being taken from the aircraft of the C/O W/Cdr Walter. See the Photo Section for picture of attack and story behind this ship.

NOTE ALSO: THE CWGC HAS THIS CREW INCORRECTLY LISTED AS 133 EAGLE SQUADRON which was a fighter squadron & never in the ME. (Hard to fit a crew of three in a Hurricane).

16/11/1942  AZ864  Mk V, Sank back on attempted overshoot at Asansol and crash landed.

18/11/1942  BA578 Mk V. Crashed on landing at Dum Dum

18/11/1942  BA396 Mk V. Tire burst on landing at Dum Dum and under carriage collapsed.

20/12/1942  BA622 Mk V Shot down by ground fire at Magwe. Lt N. Wilkin SAAF, F/Sgt F. O'Neil,  F/Sgt W. Thompson KIA

30/12/1942  BA592 MK V  Upon landing at Feni, the brakes were found to be ineffective causing the aircraft to swerve and the undercarriage retracted which in turn broke the starboard mainplane as the aircraft came down on its belly. The pilot Sgt Smith and crew Wop/Ag Jack Barnes were uninjured. It is unknown yet if the aircraft was SOC.
SOURCE: Log of Jack Barnes.

10/02/1943  BA452 Mk V. Per the official record: Tire burst on landing at Feni, swung and under carriage collapsed. Per What supposedly Happened: The following is an edited story of this crash as related to Tony Day by Sgt J Chapman. Quote "Concerning the 360 degree traverse of the turret, there is quite a story. The Squadron was on a raid down the Arakan coast and Gus Alder's gunner decided to test his guns in the forward position when the formation was near Feni. The gunner, an Aussie named Brooks, fired his guns which turned out to be out of line and some of the bullets found their way into the pilot's cabin, one of them glancing off the back of Gus' head.  He eventually made a crash landing at Feni, the aircraft being BA452. All, Gus had was a large sized headache and a small hole that required a few stitches to close". Excerpt copyright from Air War Over The Arakan - Tony Day Note in F/Lt Day records, he indicates incident similar to records in that tire burst on take off at Feni, W/Cdr Jones is noted alongside.

19/04/1943  BA727 MkV. FTR no further details

19/05/1943  BA920 MkV.  Starboard flap failed on approach to Comilla, crash landed in a paddy field. F/O Webster , F/Sgt Whyte , Sgt Cheshire uninjured.

20/05/1943  BA478 MkV. Engine cut and crashed in an attempted forced landing 5 miles from Feni. Destroyed by fire. F/Sgt Ferguson , W/O Campbell , F/Sgt Rayner escaped, Obs slightly burned

25/05/1943  BA675 MkV Aborted raid on Buthidaung in bad weather, crashed on landing at Chittagong due to a burst tire. Caught fire. Major Vinney SAAF, W/O Tom. Barry , P/O John Wholers escaped before bombs exploded. (Note G Warner has incorrectly listed Tom Barry as J Barry and J Wohlers as J Volners in his book the Bristol Blenheim)

25/05/1943  BA494 Mk V FTR from raid on Buthidaung in bad weather. Sgt Lancaster , W/O Nourse , Sgt G. Anderson KIA

06/06/1943  BA916 Mk V Crashed on overshoot near Comilla on return from aborted raid to Kalemyo. F/Sgt Les Ward - pilot , F/Sgt Ray Gilchrist - Navigator , Sgt. Gerry Theobald - Air Gunner were all KIA.
According to W/O Jack Barnes, this date 6 Bisleys attacked jap concentrations at Thaizang with bombs seen to burst on North side of village. The runway was under repairs at the time and there were hundreds of natives on and around the strip carrying baskets of rubble on their heads. Pilot F/Sgt Ward was forced to go round several times before he could land and as Jack recalls the plane stalled and crashed in flames. Note: W/O Barnes log confirms target Thaizang and one Bisley lost this date.

12/06/1943  BA590 Mk V Swung on landing at Comilla, aircraft destroyed.

23/06/1943  BA607 Mk V Aircraft hit the sea for reasons unknown and crash landed on beach. FLt G. Brew , (pilot) uninjured. F/Sgt W. Facton (Obs) injured.

24/08/1943  EH460 MkV Crashed in forced landing in River Sone, one of Sgt Padley's crew injured.

27/07/1944   L8460 Mk 1  Struck off charge. Research per F/Lt Tony Day


07/12/1940   L1381 MK1  First with 84 Squadron in Iraq prior to war, moved to Egypt to Greece in 1940 and transferred to 113 Squadron, Lost on raid Dec 07, 1940 ( 07/12/1940 )

31/08/1944   Z7857 MK ? SOC.  Used on radar calibration at Argatala, flown by Wal McLellan after his two prangs in a row. NOT POSITIVE THIS WAS A 113 Blenheim. Source Author F/Lt Tony Day research notes.


The following are extractions from various logs for research purposes and represent other aircraft the 113 was known to have flown and that may or may not be listed in the losses section.

L1499 S/Ldr Keily June, July 1939
L1542 S/Ldr Keily, Sgt Ratcliff 01/06/1939
L1527 S/Ldr Keily June 1939
1823 Sgt Davies Dec 1941,  F/O Scoones Nov 1941  (Sgt Lister Log)
2117 P/O Lee Aug 1941, F/O Scoones Nov 10, 1941  (Sgt Lister Log) Sgt Baker 10/11/1941(Checketts log)
2171 Sept 1940 Keily, NOTE # 2117 and 2171 likely transposed
2048 S/Ldr Keily Sept 1940 lost on Sept 18, 1940
2052 S/Ldr Keily Sept 1940
2072 S/Ldr Keily Sept 1940
2243 Lt Viney  Dec 1941  (Sgt Lister Log)
2251 F/Lt Young 20/10/1941 (sgt Lister Log)
T2252 Sgt Baker 10/11/1941 Checketts log
V2385 Sgt Baker 07/11/1941 & 20/11/1941(Sgt George Cheketts Log)
2429 P/O Lee Aug 1941  (Sgt Lister Log)
2593 P/O Lee Sept 1941 Engine Trouble  (Sgt Lister Log)
2778 F/O Scoones Nov 1941  Air Hydraulic pressure trouble  (Sgt Lister Log) FL/lt Harper Nov 1941 per Sgt Keith Hansen log
4821 S/Ldr Keily June, July 1939
4823 S/Ldr Keily May 1940
4824 S/Ldr Keily June 1939
4835 S/Ldr Keily June 1939
5436 Sgt Baker Oct 1941 'B' Flight Stiddolph  (Sgt George Cheketts Log)
5513 Sgt Baker 27/08/1941  'A' Flight - Harper  (Sgt George Cheketts Log)
5594 F/O Scoones Nov 1941 Force landed*, Lt Thorne Aug 1941, P/O Lee Sept 1941  (Sgt Lister Log)
5641 P/O Lee Sept 41, ' C' Flight  F/O Scoones 02/10/1941   (Sgt Lister Log)  Sgt Baker Sept 1941 (Sgt George Cheketts Log)
5800 F/O Scoones Nov 1941  (Sgt Lister Log)
Z5895 Sgt Baker, 05/11/1941 checketts log
5993 P/O Lee Sept 1941  (Sgt Lister Log)
6094 F/O Scoones Dec 1941  (Sgt Lister Log)
6134 P/O Lee Sept 41, F/Lt Young 25/10/1941, F/Lt Harper 15/10/1941 (Sgt Lister Log)  Sgt Keeley Nov 1941 per Keith Hansen log
V6374 Sgt Baker Nov 1941 (Sgt George Cheketts Log) Sgt Peters Nov 1941 per Keith Hansen log,
V6438 S/Ldr Mann with Checketts, not 113 maybe.
V6436 08/11/1941
V6490 Sgt Baker Nov 1941 (Sgt George Cheketts Log)
6662 S/Ldr Keily July 1939, May 1940
L6670  S/Ldr Keily  El Adem raid 11/06/1940 and Nov 39, May 1940
7592 P/O Lee Jan 1942  (Sgt Walker Log)
7783 P/O Lee, Sgt Brett KIA, (Sgt Walker log)
7967 P/O Lee 30/12/1941,  P/O Lee - Force landed at Lydda Palestine 04/01/1942   (Sgt Lister Log)
8374 S/Ldr Keily July 1939, June 1940
8426 S/Ldr Keily June 1939 & 8436 ??? in Dec 39
8442 S/Ldr Keily July 1939
8443 S/Ldr Keily July 1939, June 1940, Aug & Sept 1940
8444 S/Ldr Keily Aug 1940
8446 S/Ldr Keily July 1939
8447 S/Ldr Keily July 1939
8460 S/Ldr Keily June 1939, May 1940
8463 S/Ldr Keily June 1939
8465 S/Ldr Keily Aug 1940
8501 S/Ldr Keily July 1939
8529 S/Ldr Keily July 1940
8537 S/Ldr Keily July 1940
L9173 S/Ldr Keily Apr, May 1940
L9216 S/Ldr Keily Apr, May 1940
L9218  MK IV S/Ldr Keily England to Helio  05/03/1940, Dec 1939, Mar 1940, April 1940
L9257 S/Ldr Keily May 1940
9546 F/O Scoones 05/11/1941  (Sgt Lister Log)
Z7791 piloted Lt. J Viney and his crew  Wop/Ag. Sgt. John Wohlers,  Nav/B Sgt Ewan Brooking,  From Egypt to Burma.
* 5594 Force landed in the desert 3 miles from LG76 which is 40 min from Quasaba. F/O Scoones pilot, Sgt Lister Walker A/G. It is unknown if the aircraft was recovered.


Note: The following list is from F/Lt Days work sheets

V6456    30/04/1944  SOC
V6467    01/03/1942  S/Ldr Ford crashed on takeoff
Z6097     22/02/1944  SOC
Z7446     26/11/1941  SOC
Z7615     30/09/1943  SOC
Z7617     17/12/1943  SOC
Z7687                           Wal McLennan
Z7623                           Wal McLennan
Z7508                           To 60 Squadron
T1823     27/07/1944  SOC
T2428     01/09/1943  SOC
V5436     27/07/1944  SOC
V5574     18/09/1942  SOC
V5938      12/09/1942  Crashed
V5944       01/01/1944 SOC
V6030       01/05/1942 SOC
V6233       01/09/1943 SOC
V6328       18/12/1943  Crashed on take off Kanchragra ??
Z7856        31/11/1943  SOC
Z7857        31/05/1944  SOC
Z7901        14/10/1944  SOC
Z7987         14/10/1944 SOC
Z9546         01/11/1943  SOC
AZ887         05/11/1943  Flaps jammed & crashed 1 mile west of Poona
AZ891         30/04/1944  SOC  browning
AZ956         30/04/1944  SOC
AZ968         31/08/1944  SOC
BA137         28/02/1943  To Turkey
BA140         27/12/1944  SOC  
BA253         30/04/1944  SOC Browning
BA256         14/10/1944  SOC
BA301         16/12/1944 SOC
BA398         30/04/1944  SOC
BA476         14/10/1944  SOC
Z9752           25/10/1942  Hit by incindiary bomb in raid from Chittagong
Z9801           07/06/1942  Crashed in forced landing
Z9810           06/07/1944  SOC
L8460           27/07/1944  SOC