The following are pages from various 113 veterans log books. As more are acquired a system will have to be developed to store them in a manner that they can be easily accessed for cross reference and research. Looking for thoughts and ideas on this from everyone. Grouped by year seems to be the most logical with each log book within that year again grouped by date. The ideal would be to type out each line of each log and group all in one long running chronological list by date. This would have the effect of making the separate activites of each flight A,B,C immediately visible. The other advantage is time to load and extreme savings in web space. Perhaps in a table as in this example:

Blen 5594
F/Lt Thorne
W/Op A/G
To Sidi Barini

Note that because these log pages are in picture format (Jpg) rather than text these pages are extremely slow to load so be patient. Also you must use the links in the left hand frame to see all of the logs because they are not all on this page, meaning if you scroll down through this page you wont find them all.

 Sgt Lister Walker 29/08/1941 to 08/09/1941

 Sgt Lister Walker 08/09/1941 to 00/09/41

 Sgt Lister Walker 02/10/1941 to 10/11/1941

 Sgt Lister Walker  11/11/1941 to 20/12/1941

 Sgt Lister Walker 31/12/1941 to 09/01/1942

 Sgt Lister Walker 04/03/1942 to 07/03/1942

 Sgt Keith Hansen 23/11/1941 to 20/11/1941

 Sgt George Checketts  09/06/1941 to 18/06/1941

 Sgt George Checketts 22/06/1941 to 28/07/1941

 Sgt George Checketts  29/07/1941 to 23/08/1941

 Sgt George Checketts 27/08/1941 to 09/09/1941

 Sgt George Checketts 23/09/1941 to 10/11/1941

 Sgt George Checketts 15/11/1941 to 23/11/1941

 S/Ldr Ian Aitkens  03/02/1943 to 20/10/1943

 S/Ldr Ian Aitkens  05/11/1943 to 28/11/1943