Welcome to the Art Gallery of George Wilson North.

All of the fine art works you will find on the following pages have been painted by George Wilson North, primarily these works are done in oil on canvas but there are a number of watercolours as well. The predominate subject of George's work is the aircraft of the RAF during World War Two. Many of these works have been commissioned by the RAFA for the purposes of raising funds for charitable causes and can now be found hanging in homes and institutions throughout England, Europe, Canada and the United States. Several also grace the walls of the Batley RAFA Club, of which George is a committee member.

George started painting in the 1960's while he lived in Norfolk, and in the beginning these were primarily studies of stills. These were subsequently passed along to a Framer whereby they both benefited, George sold a painting and the shop a frame. Over the following years he has generated a prolific number of works, while most of these are RAF oriented, and a few still's as noted, there were several landscapes as well. It should be pointed out however that George's stills are somewhat of a misnomer for they are never really still. He does this, purposefully or not, by subliminaly injecting suggested or possible motion. Two of his works, Fruit & Silver and Copper Pot are such examples. In these a glass of wine has been casually set off to one side, suggesting someone is in the room just out of view.

In these early years George also sold a few paintings through art shops and minor exhibitions but he rarely kept track of where they went. Many were given to RAFA branches and to his old Squadron 21 OTU at reunions for raffling. Bespeaking of the underlying character of the artist, the greatest majority of his works have been gifts.

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